A High Performance PHP Content Management System


High Performance

It's small & fast


Of course, Coffee CMS allow full customize system. You can have private design layout/functions same as you like!

High Secutiry

Coffee CMS is open source but we only provide to you private plugins. With our private plugins, your system will be more secure & clean.

Friendly Design

Only 15 minutes, you will understand how it's work and control your website.

Email Marketing BuildIn

With Email Marketing System is buildin, you can build your marketing email plan then tracking stats with Coffee CMS

Support LifeTime

Contact us at CoffeeCMSTeam@Gmail.Com, we will support and solve your problem

Free Or non Free depend on your problem.

For developers: Build your system with Coffee CMS

Easy struct

Coffee CMS have plugin struct more easy than you think.

Full customize

You can build a private system & full customize with plugins

Deep hooks

Plugins can control data everywhere that make you can control your system more easy

High Performance